Army Forces Command - RLM Communications, Inc.Agency: Army Forces Command

Prime Contract: W911SE-11-D-20XX

Value: $2.5B (Estimated)

PoP: March 2016


Multiple Contractors are currently fulfilling the US Army FORSCOM requirement for Operations, Planning, Training, and Resource Support Services for Warfighter Operations.


The Army’s mission is to fight and win our Nation’s wars by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across the full range of military operations and spectrum of conflict in support of combatant commanders.

U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) is the Army’s largest major command. Headquartered at Fort Bragg, NC, FORSCOM consists of more than 730,000 Active Army, U.S. Army Reserve and Army National Guard soldiers. FORSCOM trains, mobilizes, deploys and sustains combat ready forces capable of responding rapidly to crises world-wide. FORSCOM develops and cares for people, optimizes available resources, develops quality installations and establishes major facilities to project power globally.

FORSCOM is the Army component of JFCOM. JFCOM mission is to provide U.S. military forces where needed throughout the world and to ensure they are integrated and trained as unified forces ready for any assigned task. The FORSCOM commander functions as commander of the Army forces of this unified command and plans for and, on order, provides military support to civil authorities, including response to natural disasters and civil emergencies.

Task Areas:


  • support the operational planning responsibilities of the customer
  • support the development of Operation Plans (OPLANS), Operation Orders, contingency plans, war plans and crisis action planning and support the identification and sourcing of conventional forces for the Unified commands for both OPLANS and contingency operations
  • support the conducting of Adaptive Planning and/or crisis action planning including developing plans for the Department of Defense (DoD) support to Federal agencies for domestic emergencies

Task Area 2: TRAINING:

  • support customer training operations requirements
  • support the training responsibilities of the customer


  • support the M&S requirements of the customer
  • develop software models and simulations
  • develop and provide simulation and digital training and technology support that gives soldiers the skills they need to succeed in actual battle conditions or other related missions and deployments
  • support the management and operation of a simulation center


  • support customer flight operation requirements
  • provide all required support services necessary to manage, operate and maintain airfield flight operations and Visual Flight Rules (VFR) air traffic control activities


  • support the mobilization plans and execution requirements of the customer
  • assist in the planning, coordinating and executing of the five phases of mobilization and deployment of all Army components
  • support G3/5/7 in mobilization, mobilization exercise guidance, the Command Readiness Program and Deployment and Reconstitution Tracking Software


  • support the deployment operations requirements of the customer
  • support Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (DCSOPS) in executing FORSCOM Regulation 500-3-2, which provides the basis for all deployment activities. Deployment data are organized for the time phasing of units into the Area of Responsibility (AOR) by FORSCOM


  • support the Force Protection management responsibilities of the customer in the areas of Antiterrorism and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Antiterrorism
  • support the antiterrorism management responsibilities of the customer
  • assist the management and administration of antiterrorism IAW FORSCOM Operation Order (OPORD) 01-2000 dated 16 October 2001 and AR 525-13 dated 4 January 2002
  • support the Point of Contact (POC) for all command antiterrorism policy, guidance, directives and issues
  • ensure complete and accurately sustained antiterrorism procedures that reflect training readiness priorities and provide necessary support resulting in a duly appropriate antiterrorism posture within FORSCOM


  • support the transformation responsibilities of the customer
  • provide support of the Army’s Transformation including campaign planning, force integration and synchronization, and analysis of command/agency supporting transformation efforts.


SUPPLEMENTAL OR SUPPORTING TASKS: The following tasks are supplemental or supporting tasks. This means that, while the contractor must be capable of accomplishing these tasks, there will not be a task order awarded solely on one or more of these tasks or as the primary focus of a task order. These tasks shall be performed as a supporting task for 1 of the major tasks.

Task 1: Command and Control Information Systems Management:

  • support the C2 information systems management requirements of the customer
  • support the functional management of C2 information systems/programs, classified and unclassified, within the DCSOPS

Task 2: Program Management Process:

  • support the program management requirements of the customer
  • support the management, planning, programming, execution and review and analysis, installation resource allocation, budgeting and management of program resources
  • perform other financial management actions associated with the execution and review of the FORSCOM’s G-3 managed programs
  • provide analyses and utilize available data to execute the plans that were developed for and support the implementation of various programs supported by the FORSCOM’s G-3
  • also monitor and coordinate the development, formulation, analysis, execution and presentation of Management Decision Packages (MDEPs)

Task 3: Organizational Support:

  • support organizational responsibilities of customer
  • provide general staff support, assistance, advice, analysis and recommendations to assist in integrating and managing an organization

Task 4: Task Order Management: For all TOs, successfully manage the technical approach, organizational resources and implement management controls employed to meet the price, performance and schedule requirements throughout execution of the TO.