Army Materiel Command - RLM Communications, Inc.Agency: Army Materiel Command

Prime Contract: W15P7T-10-D-XXXX

Value: $16.4B

PoP: June 2015


18 companies are fulfilling the Army’s Communication Electronics Command’s (CECOM) continuing requirement for rapid response services to support critical systems requirements for the Command and Control (C2) Systems Integration Directorate (C2SID).

The R2-3G contract vehicle is a multiple award, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract issued by the Department of Defense. Requirements for a broad range of services are competed as task orders and awards are designed to be executed with a goal of 19 days from release of the Request for Task Execution Plan of the task order. The R23G contract can be used by any Government agency that uses federal funds.


The CECOM Rapid Response Project Office is chartered by the Deputy to the Commanding General, Communications-Electronics Command, to execute a unique, competitive, streamlined business process that will allow United States Federal Government managers to acquire contractor-provided services. The CR2 Project Office provides a unique support service that will aid all federal government managers to rapidly execute their requirements as identified by their mission objectives. The CR2 Project Office support service provided will be above and beyond those normally available at federal agencies.


The Contractor shall provide and acquire services and equipment to research, develop, study and analyze, upgrade, install, fabricate, test, maintain and support new and existing federally funded Government platforms, systems, subsystems and critical items. The following categories apply:


A combination of hardware, software/firmware, structures and personnel providing a dedicated function serving Government requirement.

To this extent, platforms include, but are not limited to:

  • Aircraft
  • Wheeled vehicles
  • Watercraft
  • Spacecraft


  • A combination of hardware, software/firmware, that performs a dedicated function serving a Government requirement, that is not limited to:
    • Electronics
    • Equipment
    • Shelters
    • Groups support equipment
    • Support structures


  • Electronic/mechanical/structural hardware, associated components/parts and/or software/firmware that performs an essential function in support of one or more system


  • A distinct, serviceable and/or replaceable element, part, component, assembly/subassembly, or tool, that performs a critical function within a subsystem/system, such that in the event of its failure or omission, the associated system/subsystem or platform will fail to sustain its operations readiness

The Contractor shall establish a single management focal point, the R2 Program Manager, to accomplish the administrative, managerial and financial aspects of this contract. This individual will be identified to the R2 Project Office as the focal point for programmatic issues. The administrative, managerial and financial aspects of this contract include, but are not limited to:

  • Work Control
  • Quality Control
    • Quality Approach
    • Quality Planning
    • Document Control
    • Records
    • Control of Purchases
    • Government Furnished Material (GFM)
    • Materials Control
    • Nonconforming Material
    • Corrective Action
    • Manufacturing Operations/Process Controls
    • Inspection and Testing
    • Measuring, Testing, and Inspection Equipment
    • Inspection and Test Status
    • Quality Review
    • Statistical Quality Control and Analysis
    • Continuous Process Improvement

The contractor shall define and develop test programs, plans, and procedures, conduct testing, and evaluate and document results as required by applicable Task Orders. Such testing may include:

  • Hardware and software component testing
  • Subsystem and system level development testing
  • System compatibility testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Functional testing
  • Integration testing
  • Full qualification testing
  • Field-testing and evaluation
  • Environmental tests and stress screening
  • Electromagnetic interference testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing and TEMPEST
  • Flight-testing
  • Air-worthiness testing

The Contractor shall ensure that all hardware, software, test equipment, instrumentation, supplies, facilities, and personnel are available and in place to conduct or support each scheduled test.

The contractor shall perform studies and analysis as required by applicable Task Orders:

  • Such studies/analysis may include logistics/supportability, engineering, financial, operational
  • Logistics Support Analysis
  • Provide services in the Customer Assistance and Technical Program Support
  • Depot Maintenance Program which encompasses the depot (organic) and contractual overhaul programs

The contractor shall provide construction support to include, but not limited to, establishing sites for quick reaction systems, preparation of poured concrete platforms, assembly of portable prefabricated structures and working areas and/or construction, renovation, modification of buildings.