USSOCOM - RLM Communications, Inc.Agency: US Special Operations Command

Prime Contract: H92222-11-D-0006

Value: TBD based on Task Orders

PoP: March 31, 2016


General Dynamics Information Technology is fulfilling the U.S. Special Operations Command’s requirement for Enterprise Network Services.


The mission of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is to provide fully capable Special Operations Forces to defend the United States and its interests and to plan and synchronize operations against terrorist networks. USSOCOM is responsible for training and equipping all Department of Defense (DoD) Special Operations Forces (SOF) to perform missions anywhere in the world at any time. Specific responsibilities of USSOCOM include developing, acquiring, integrating, fielding, and supporting special operations peculiar equipment, material, supplies and systems and ensuring the interoperability of equipment and forces.

Information Technology (IT) is a significant enabler of the USSOCOM mission. The Special Operations Forces (SOF) Information Enterprise (SIE) is USSOCOM’s worldwide IT infrastructure, encompassing all SOF IT assets from the garrison environment, down to the deployed sensor and operator. Over 56,000 users are supported at 49 locations worldwide. Most IT support is focused within the Continental United States (CONUS); however, support is provided globally. Multiple world-wide information networks are supported, including Unclassified and Classified.



  • Management
  • IT Service Integration and Delivery Performance Management
  • Service Operations
  • Enterprise Networks – Data, Voice, Video
  • Management Support and Transition Services to support the ITMO in managing the initial transition planning, execution, stabilization, and post-transition review of the Enterprise Network Service Area
  • IT service delivery management support services to USSOCOM for the ongoing IT lifecycles operations management of Enterprise Networks throughout the life of the agreement