RLM’s corporate headquarters and supporting facilities are located on a secure compound adjacent to Fort Bragg in Spring Lake, North Carolina.

Managed Security Program

Compound Security - RLM Communications, Inc.RLM maintains a formal security program and follows strict guidelines to ensure Compound Security, Safety and Operational Assurance.

Monitored and recorded surveillance, electronic access control, and audited access logs enable our security force to detect suspicious activity, analyze patterns of behavior, and investigate incidents.

Our program includes escalating security postures, 3rd party vulnerability assessment, and is subject to regular auditing.



Full-Time Surveillance

RLM’s surveillance systems and IDS are monitored at all times. The IDS has fail-safe features that alert the authorities should the security force become incapacitated.

Compound Security - RLM Communications, Inc.


Full-Time Security Force

RLM employs a full-time security force. Each guard is vetted and trained to provide human problem-solving and threat detection capabilities.

The force is always on duty. At night the force patrols the grounds and monitors surveillance and intrusion detection systems.

When appropriate our force implements a manned Access Control Point to prevent tail-gating and piggy-backing.

Compound Security - RLM Communications, Inc.