“Faith is often measured by what everyone can see, touch and feel… but it is only truly defined by when those things are not present.”
~ R. L. Moore

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Always aiming for excellence

RLM Communications, Inc. with several locations in the United States, is headquartered just a few minutes away from the gates of Fort Bragg, NC. RLM is a quickly growing, SDVOSB certified small business and a leader in the community. We specialize in:
Cyber Services & Support
C5ISR Services & Support
IT Management Services & Support
Professional Services & Support

RLM is a quality focused organization. Quality means providing the customer with excellent solutions that completely fulfill their requirements. We strive to continually improve our processes, personnel, and services to ultimately become the customer’s contractor of choice. Quality is the philosophy behind all we do, our strategy for growth… it is our mission!

Corporate Headquarters

1027 E. Manchester Road, Spring Lake, NC 28390
910-223-1350 – Office
910-223-1353 – Fax